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Purasilk Skin Cream

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Purasilk Skin Care claims Soft and Silky skin is just minutes away, after using their unique formula. Just what sets Purasilk above it’s competitors? Let’s take a look @ some of the “origins” of the cream, and maybe this will help you decide for yourself. (Remember, Purasilk offers a 2 week, Zero risk trial for you if you aren’t quite ready to “buy”)

A yearly exotic plant utilized by Eastern Indians, American Indian, Oriental and Indonesian traditional doctors for hundreds, even thousands of years. Boosts cellular expansion & collagen activity, and is highly effective for anti-wrinkle sculpting, cellulite and stretchmarks.
Therapeutic, hydrating, tension relieving & anti-irritating compound. Aloe vera — Stimulates skin restoration, exceptional penetrating & hydrating agent, assists to promote your body’s defense mechanisms, whilst remaining naturally hypo-allergenic virtually matching the pH balance of your skin.
Active ingredient rich in purified saponins (95%) with immediate & long-lasting soothing action. Strong anti-oxidant activity & anti-inflammation potential proven in vitro and in-vivo studies.
Firms and moisturizes the skin, stimulates collagen and ceramides synthesis and contains 3 effective antioxidants. Helps to fight free radicals in the environment, and prevent premature aging.

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