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Purasilk Skin Cream

purasilk reviews

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Purasilk Skin Care claims Soft and Silky skin is just minutes away, after using their unique formula. Just what sets Purasilk above it’s competitors? Let’s take a look @ some of the “origins” of the cream, and maybe this will help you decide for yourself. (Remember, Purasilk offers a 2 week, Zero risk trial for you if you aren’t quite ready to “buy”)

A yearly exotic plant utilized by Eastern Indians, American Indian, Oriental and Indonesian traditional doctors for hundreds, even thousands of years. Boosts cellular expansion & collagen activity, and is highly effective for anti-wrinkle sculpting, cellulite and stretchmarks.
Therapeutic, hydrating, tension relieving & anti-irritating compound. Aloe vera — Stimulates skin restoration, exceptional penetrating & hydrating agent, assists to promote your body’s defense mechanisms, whilst remaining naturally hypo-allergenic virtually matching the pH balance of your skin.
Active ingredient rich in purified saponins (95%) with immediate & long-lasting soothing action. Strong anti-oxidant activity & anti-inflammation potential proven in vitro and in-vivo studies.
Firms and moisturizes the skin, stimulates collagen and ceramides synthesis and contains 3 effective antioxidants. Helps to fight free radicals in the environment, and prevent premature aging.

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3 Responses to “Purasilk Skin Cream”

  1. Samantha says:

    Using purasilk is a definite help for my dark eye circles, and I am satisfied with this product. The “instant” effect wasn’t there, but by a week or 2 in, I began to notice significant change. Not only that, but soon realized the effect this was having on my fingers and hands, so I have began applying it more liberally, and not worrying about getting it worked in all over. Good trustworthy company and communication.

  2. fae says:

    Heard many good things about Purasilk and just ordered this for my mother. Cant really rate the product yet, but judging by the information I have learned about it, I’m confident this lotion will help my mom regain her confidence, just a bit 😉

  3. Beth says:

    Great gift idea, in fact I ordered just tonight after reading some other positive reviews for purasilk. I can’t really review, but I will definitely drop back and update after I get my supply of it. Hoping to reverse the dark circles under my eyes, have been trying so hard to sleep on my back but.. that doesn’t always work so well for my husband, he claims I snore and keep him up lol


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